The Minims – A New Beginning┬áis a 3D story-driven point and click adventure game taking place in the minimalistic universe of the Minims. With its cartoon-like unusual artwork, its eccentric story, and its relaxing tempo, introduces the player to explore the minimalist sceneries, collect important items, and solve varied puzzles to unfold the story.

The theme, the story and the Minims Universe
A coming-of-age story that describes an inner route of the man about his role regarding companionship and family.

The story is unravelled in the quirky and serene universe of the Minims, a world in-between a real world and a world inside their minds. The Minims species are cartoon-like creatures who believe that they are the last of their species. The Minims are well-educated, musicians and inventors. They have created on their own everything from scratch and they have found new ways of living modestly and ecologically.

… and the storyline starts …
On yet another beautiful day, on the top of the rock, Mii is doing some chores, when it dawns on him that Mo appears to be missing. A personal journey is beginning. Tracing her steps he embarks on a journey that becomes a self-seeking exploration regarding life choices and personal values.