Fresh technical drawing aesthetics meet elegantly designed logic challenges in this minimalist puzzle title with just a dash of color.

A logic puzzle game, reky marries an elegance of design with an architectural minimalist aesthetic to create an experience that is fresh, stylish and satisfyingly challenging. The player interacts with the different puzzle elements of each level, shifting and moving them in order to create a path to the goal. Everything in the game is simple and functional, with only cubes, lines, exits, portals and a dash of colour used to create a large variety of brain-teasing challenges.


“like a deep, centering breath in the corner of a quiet museum”


“the game we’d most like to unwind with”

Metro UK

“one of the most elegant, designerly games ever made for touchscreen”

Get Indie Gaming

“better puzzle games out on mobile of late”


“ clever logic puzzler with clean aesthetics”

PC Gamer

“a gorgeous logic puzzle game”


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