The Minims – A New Beginning. v3.1 and beyond…

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Here we are, with the final version of the game! In this version, we changed all of the 1s chapter’s puzzles, as well as some of the puzzles from chapter 2. We also added a few storytelling details throughout the game. These changes were necessary for the consistency of the game’s mechanics and storytelling. In addition to that, we improved the UI and some in-game graphics. Finally, we introduced the sub-title “A New  Beginning” which reflects the storyline of the complete game.

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And then… The Minims

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It was December the 20th of 2012. Andreas was sitting at his desk, making some sketches on his notepad. You could definitely tell that he was preoccupied. After several sketches, he turned on his iMac and started modelling a 3D object. Then he called Maria to show her the first of the Minims. It was Mii & Mo. Somewhere among his sketches was an enormous rock, in the middle of a vast desert, with three buildings standing on top of it. This was to be their home. And thus the Minims universe was born!

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