beyondthosehills is a games development studio located in the center of Athens, Greece.  Our vision is to create products under a unique style targeting a niche between avant-garde and mainstream. As a first game title has developed the adventure game The Minims published on iOS and Steam. The second game title is the puzzle game reky, that will be released on Q4/2017.

beyondthosehills have developed and delivered a number of games for clients on genres such as adventure games, RTS games, augmented reality games, resource management – simulation games, puzzle games, social games, interactive educational applications. Also beyondthosehills provides consultancy.

Maria Aloupi

co-founder, game producer, business development

ensures the quality standard of a production and she also participates on the game productions, in game design, level design and she writes the music.
She has a strong background in the music classical area as a pianist and composer and in the cultural sector as a curator and producer.

Andreas Diktyopoulos

co-founder, creative director, lead developer

is a software engineer and a creative director.
He has developed multiple game titles and participated in the development cycle of other interactive digital products. He also is a consultant to other companies and game development teams. Andreas has a strong educational background in computer science, fundamentals of mathematics, art, and music.

Konstantinos Sfikas

graphics, production design

is an Architect, specialized on Procedural Content Generation for Design, Audio and Interactive Media. Currently, his main focus lies in the field of Video Games Development. He is exploring methods for Enhanced Creativity and Interactivity through A.I. in the production process of Digital Games.