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Xbox One


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We are happy to present the Xbox One release of our first game in the vein of point and click adventures.

With its imaginative artwork, its compelling story and its relaxing tempo, the game introduces the player to a quirky and serene universe, the Minims universe.

The Minims - A New Beginning is a game about a personal journey of an endearing creature of the Minim species. On yet another beautiful day, on the top of the rock, Mii is doing some chores, when it dawns on him that Mo appears to be missing. In the game, the player must use logic, collect important items, and solve puzzles in order to guide Mii in his search to find his life partner Mo. Tracing her steps he embarks on a journey which becomes a self-seeking exploration regarding life choices and personal values.


The Minims as a project in progress.

We are working hard to port The Minims adventure into Xbox One platform. We are extremely happy with the Xbox One capabilities which will give us the opportunity to bring new life and updated visuals to our beloved game. On October 2013, The Minims has been appeared on iTunes as a project in progress. After several updates, the final version of The Minims released on iTunes, on May 2015. The standalone edition for Windows and Mac was released on April 1st, 2016.


The Minims - A New Beginning Official Teaser Trailer YouTube

The Minims - A New Beginning Official Gameplay Trailer YouTube



There are currently no logos or icons available for The Minims Xbox One edition. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

What Players Say

  • " Amazing, beautiful, just great!! - ... It's hard to find good story games that have great graphics and an amazing story line. ... " - USA
  • " Wonderful Game! - ... The graphics and music are delightfully zen. ... " - USA
  • " Extremely creative! Should get more love - Very quirky and fun. Made me laugh out loud a few times and also surprised me. Great artwork and perfect for iPhone screen... " - USA
  • " most touching game I’ve ever played! - beautiful scenes and soundtrack, the end of the game is extremely touching! ... I'm deeply immersed in the atmosphere that it makes me believe a world of minims exists somewhere deep in our inner world. " - China
  • " Very Charming - Beautiful minimalist scenery and low-stress puzzles make this a unique adventure game. " - Philippines
  • " - A wonderful game with great graphics and intriguing challenges. I hope that there is more to come from this team. " - Great Britain

About beyondthosehills

beyondthosehills is a games development studio located in Athens, Greece. Their vision is to create products of a unique style, targeting a niche between avant-garde and mainstream. beyondthosehills have also developed and delivered a number of games for clients and are providing consultancy services. They have developed and delivered a number of games for clients on various genres such as adventure, RTS, augmented reality, resource management - simulation, puzzle, social, as well as interactive applications for education.

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The Minims Xbox One edition Credits

Andreas Diktyopoulos
Game Designer, Developer, CG Generalist, Audio

Maria Aloupi
Business, Music, Game Designer

Alexia Albani
English Localisation

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