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The Minims - PC-MAC Edition
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We are a games development studio made up of Andreas, interactive storyteller, developer and cg generalist, Maria, composer and Akis, test leader. Located in the center of Athens, Greece, we try to offer creative interactive digital experiences.


A Typical Morning in March 2011

- A typical morning in March 2011, Andreas came in the office and said "Let’s start making video games!".
- Office? Which office?
- There was an office in downtown Athens at the cultural space ABOUT: which Maria and Andreas had founded in 2010. They have organized over 100 cultural events over the years, such as contemporary-classical music concerts, contemporary art exhibitions, lectures and workshops. Akis, one of their main volunteering participants, became a collaborator.
- But why did they open a cultural space in the first place?
- Well, all three of them have something in common. They are musicians with classical music background. Maria is a well-known pianist and composer in Greece with lots of classical and contemporary concerts marking her career. Andreas started to experiment with electroacoustic music and new technologies while studying classical music theory and composition and Akis is a classical pianist. Besides, they are all interested in other forms of art, not just music. So, they decided to found a cultural space in order to bring together and curate interdisciplinary art projects. You can check this out here.
- Ok. I’ve got it. Now tell me about the video games...
- Sure. To understand how the video games decision came about, I have to tell you that Andreas isn’t only a composer. He is also a programmer; he has studied computer science. Actually, he had started programming and computer graphics and had tried to build his first video game even before going to university; since he was 15. You could say that he was passionate about games and computers in general. But until that - not so - typical morning of 2012, he had never seriously thought about developing a real video game before, mostly due to the fact that he was dedicated to the art of music.
- So, why did he decide to make a video game at the time, and to eventually start an independent game development studio?
- There must have been several things… but you should probably ask him in person. I’m not sure I can really answer that, but Unity was one of the reasons.
- And who are you?
- I’m just the messenger.

Before The Minims

In the beginning: So, we want to create games! Let’s make an epic adventure game… you know… like the old ones. The Dig, Full Throttle, Broken Sword...
After a month: Well... it seems more difficult than we thought. Let’s make a tiny mobile rpg game based on a board game.
After a couple of months: Hm... looks nice. Why not upgrade it to an open-world action adventure game? Good idea!
After several months: Ok. I’m not sure it’s even possible to develop a game. I quit!

And then The Minims

20th of December 2012. Andreas was sitting at his desk and was sketching something on his notepad. You could definitely see that he was preoccupied. After several sketches he opened his iMac and started to model a 3D object. Then he called Maria to show her the first of the Minims. It was Mii & Mo! - or at least prototypes. And somewhere among his sketches there was an enormous rock with 3 buildings on top of it, standing in the middle of a vast desert landscape. This was to be their home. And that was the birth of the Minims universe.



The Minims - A New Beginning Official Teaser Trailer YouTube

The Minims - A New Beginning Official Gameplay Trailer YouTube



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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Andreas Diktyopoulos
Interactive Storyteller, Game Designer, Programmer, 3D Generalist, Sound Designer

Maria Aloupi
Business Developer, Music, Game Designer

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