beyondthosehills is a games development studio made up of Andreas interactive storyteller, developer and cg generalist, and Maria, producer, business development and musician. Located in the center of Athens, Greece. beyondthosehills offers creative digital experiences through storytelling processes. Also beyondthosehills develops and delivers games for clients and provides consulting.


is a programmer and a composer. He doesn’t consider himself a writer but he loves to write. He doesn’t consider himself a visual artist but he created all the concepts, 3D models, textures and shaders, animations of The Minims. Nevertheless he considers himself as an interactive storyteller.

He has developed multiple game titles and participated in development cycle of other interactive digital products. He also is a consultant to other companies and game development teams. Andreas has a strong educational background in computer science and fundamental of mathematics and music. Check out his profile on LinkedIn


undertakes the business development and strategic planning. Ensures the quality standard of a production and she also participates on the game productions, in game design, level design and she writes the music.
She has a strong background in the music classical area as a pianist and composer and in the cultural sector as a curator. Check out her personal web site! And on LinkedIn